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About PMD

PMD® is a sports nutrition product line, part of FitLife Brands, Inc.

PMD’s long and proud history of providing high quality and innovative formulations has made us a leading pioneer within the nutrition industry since 2002. PMD® is committed to bringing you the best in nutritional supplementation by offering premium product solutions that can help you reach and surpass your health, fitness and training goals. The proof is in our products! Formulated with only the purest and highest quality ingredients available, PMD’s exceptional products help to create impactful results that can greatly improve your quality of life. These professional caliber supplements are formulated for maximum efficacy, so whether you are a novice enthusiast or a seasoned professional, PMD® products will help deliver extraordinary results.

FitLife Brands  – The World’s Most Innovative Nutrition and Fitness Enhancement Products.

To improve the lives of health-minded consumers everywhere, FitLife Brands' commitment to producing leading-edge proprietary nutritional supplements is just the beginning. We are dedicated to continually developing next-generation products that empower anyone, at any stage in life, to accomplish their goals. Whether it’s weight loss, performance enhancement, or simply better overall health, we develop the advanced products to get them there.

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